Dental dog chews

Our dental chews come in four sizes with the design being advanced by extensive biometric research to accommodate differing jaw strength, size and structure of dogs' mouths.

Why use dental chews?

  • 80% healthier gums
  • 60% less tartar
  • 45% fresher breath
  • 32% less plaque
  • Oral care is important for a dog’s total body health, but only 1% of owners brush their dog’s teeth every day.
  • Bad breath is not normal and can be a warning sign for oral disease, which occurs in 8 out of 10 dogs by the age of three.
  • Greenies® is the number one vet-recommended pet specialty dental chew in the USA.
  • Effective shape & texture

    The contoured design combined with a texture that bends for a deeper clean help clean all surfaces of your dog's teeth by working with their natural chewing action.

  • Long-lasting & easy to digest

    High quality ingredients help our dental chews break down quickly for easy digestion, making them just as digestible as premium dry dog food.

  • Irresistible taste

    Customer reviews confirm Greenies® Dental Chews for dogs are highly palatable and great-tasting.

How Greenies dental
chews work

Greenies® works with your dog’s natural chewing action to help prevent plaque and tartar build-up.

Designed for daily treating, our delicious dental chews are scientifically proven to improve total oral care in dogs, including freshening their breath.